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Below, you can find a list of my published fiction, complete with links to where you can buy it or read it, if that is still possible.

Children's Books

Once Upon A Time, A Bit Earlier - The Dark Queen's magic mirror has cast a spell back through time to warn her about what Snow White will do her one day.  However, his warning does not have the results he expected.  As the fairy tale stories you know begin to spill into one another, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and more are gathered together to fight an evil they never expected.

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The Dragon And The Princess: A Counting Book
- A baby dragon and a princess have a playdate in this counting book that includes lots of fun easter eggs in the pictures to look for when you're done counting. Illustrated by Mina Sanwald.

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Flash Fiction

"More Sorcery For Your Shekel: Magic On A Budget" - A page from a spell book for the frugally minded.

Appeared in: The Eggplant Library, July 2004

(Not currently available, but you can read a blog post about the site by the publisher.  It includes a picture of my cover.)

Short Fiction

"Bichos" - A couple honeymooning in the Amazon discover the monsters of the native legends are horrifyingly real.

Appeared in: Monsters and Mormons, October 2011 (Print and ebook anthology)

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Also available as an eBook Single.

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"Cuddly Furballs of Contentment" - A surveyor on an alien world suspects his daughter's new pet isn't as innocent as it seems.

Appeared in: Interstellar Fiction, May 2013

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"His Full Fifteen Minutes" - When a new reality game show gives the terminally ill a gruesome opportunity, a dying father of two has to decide whether to take it.

Appeared in: The Leading Edge #63, January 2013 (Print and pdf magazine)

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"Touch of Power" - A super-powered thief gets caught in the power struggle between superheroes and supervillians as one of the city's biggest baddies is brought down.

Appeared in: The Gruff Variations, April 2012 (Ebook Anthology, for charity)

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New! Also available as a stand-alone eBook.

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"You'll See It When It's Finished" - When a university's constant construction is getting in the way of actual education, they ask their best minds to come up with a solution.

Appeared in: The Leading Edge #37, March 1999 (Print magazine)

(Currently not available)

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