Saturday, January 31, 2009

If You Watch The Super Bowl, Do Me A Favor

Okay, so pretty much everybody in North America is going to be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow. And of course, it's the one show where, in 2009, nobody is going to fast forward through the commercials.

So I want everybody's opinion on one spot: the G.I.Joe ad.

The new G.I.Joe movie is coming out this year, and this weekend is the first time they've released any moving pictures from the movie. It's just a 30 second spot, but if you watch the Super Bowl, and you see it, let me know what you think.

Even if you don't know anything about G.I.Joe--in fact, that's even better. I'm curious what everybody, fan or not, thinks about this one.

If you're not going to watch the Super Bowl, it's already online here. But I'm figuring by this time tomorrow most of America will have seen it, so I'm just asking you to say what you thought of what already flashed before your eyes.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Is Ancient Art Like Special Effects?

Last night, my oldest daughter and I did a Daddy/Daughter date and went to the art museum at Cal State San Bernardino. They had a great display called Excavating Egypt, which I guess isn't their normal Egypt display, but was a lot of fun.

Among the things we saw was this mummy mask:

And it made me wonder.

See, this thing is even more cross-eyed in real life. And one eye bulges out farther than the other.

So it makes me wonder--do you think they noticed it? Do you think they thought this thing was beautiful, or do you think they were going, "Thanks, man. You gave my Mom's mummy mask a lazy bug eye?"

I think about special effects from the early 80's. Now, they seem really bad. But at the time, you didn't get so worked up about it. They were special effects, and that's what we all understood special effects looked like at the time.

Was it that way for these things? Did people just know that the eyes came out a little wonky sometimes, and they didn't really think it was that big a deal, or did this guy just get jipped?

Either way, Daddy/Daughter dates are still a good time.