Saturday, January 31, 2009

If You Watch The Super Bowl, Do Me A Favor

Okay, so pretty much everybody in North America is going to be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow. And of course, it's the one show where, in 2009, nobody is going to fast forward through the commercials.

So I want everybody's opinion on one spot: the G.I.Joe ad.

The new G.I.Joe movie is coming out this year, and this weekend is the first time they've released any moving pictures from the movie. It's just a 30 second spot, but if you watch the Super Bowl, and you see it, let me know what you think.

Even if you don't know anything about G.I.Joe--in fact, that's even better. I'm curious what everybody, fan or not, thinks about this one.

If you're not going to watch the Super Bowl, it's already online here. But I'm figuring by this time tomorrow most of America will have seen it, so I'm just asking you to say what you thought of what already flashed before your eyes.


Jenn said...

I didn't realize it was a GIJoe clip until the very end. I saw Dennis Quaid and Christopher Eccleston and was ooohing over that... and then got hit with the title. The movie's on my to-be-watched list just for Quaid.

I typically review all of the commercials a day or two later online before really making up my mind. GoDaddy should be staked, drawn and quartered, and then burned to a crisp. I'm so sick of them. Budweiser had a couple hits and a couple misses. Same with Coca Cola. Pepsi was mostly duds.

Oh, and my dad and I compare them to the Tabasco commercial of a few years back with the guy eating pizza and being bitten by mosquitos. That's a 10, we had a near 9 tonight although for the life of me I can't remember which one it was now, I got distracted by the last quarter of the game.


Marci said...

Um, I want to see it. Can I just say it looks yummy!!!

We need to see this one in the theater, I think! I will be totally glued to the screen, though of course it won't matter what the story line is! ;)

Just remember honey, you're still my Number One Guy, and I wouldn't trade you for any of them!

theFrog said...

Looks good - a movie I'd want to see. But I wouldn't have pegged it as having anything to do with GI Joe.

Scott H. said...

Looks awesome, it dispelled a lot of fear for me about the casting. I thought that the effects looked great and am now really excited about seeing it.