Friday, October 08, 2004

More Pet Peeves: You know what else I hate?

It's not grammar Nazis or spelling Nazis. These people have a crusade I understand, even if I don't buy into it. They feel they're offering education and insight, raising the dialogue of the internet.

What I hate are typo Nazis. The ones who have to point out in every newsgroup or thread that your finger slipped. These are the folks who take joy only in being right, and, having found another chance to practice their art, they are incapable of moving past it.

When you find someone who does this, take note of their name. You have now found someone who is so push-button, so programmed in their behavior, you will be able to manipulate them like a puppet.

I refuse to believe these folks have any other motive. What did they think everybody was sitting there confused, wondering what in the world that subject meant when it read: Need Info On "For Whon the Bell Tolls"

Did they honestly stare at it like the Jumble, wondering what mystery that phrase encoded? And when their brain finally oozed around it, their keen intuitive abilities unraveled the hidden meaning, they bounded up the stairs to their rooftops to shout it to the masses?

Give me a vreak.

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