Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Writing Question For Non-Writers: Okay, this question is about writing, but it's for readers.

In his book on writing comics, Peter David says that it's good, if your characters are in a situation that's beyond what you would encounter in real life, to acknowledge this by having your characters say something like, "This is like something out of a comic book!"

So the question for readers is, when you read something like this or hear it in a movie, does it make the story seem more real or does it pull you out of the story, as you're reminded that it's just a book or a movie?


theFrog said...

I know this is a question for non-writers, however I AM an avid reader, so I'm piping up anyway...

I HATE it when writers do that because, yes - as a matter of fact - it DOES take me out of the story. If it's done as a comedic function specifically designed to pull you out of the story and remind you not to take things too seriously, then I generally don't mind.

But if it's used as a way to depict the gravity of a situation and as a way to show how serious things are, I can't help but be annoyed. It always bothers me when I read characters saying "this is like something out of a comic book!" My inevitable response is generally something like "that's because it IS a comic book."

Erik said...

Thanks. Good answer, and I think I completely agree.

I guess I should update more often if I want more replies, though, huh?