Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Props 98 and 99: Which one is really about eminent domain?

California voters are being subjected to a very confusing set of ads about Propositions 98 and 99.

A couple years ago, Jarrod and I did a pro and con on a fictional proposition making fun of tactics used in election ads.

I swear our parodies aren't that far from the actual tactics used in these ads. If you vote yes on one and no on the other, you're going to be ripping children from their homes. But if you vote no one one and yes on the other, you're going to be the direct cause of landlords only renting homes to rich people.

Fortunately, Timothy Sandefur, the man who quite literally wrote the book (and several articles) on eminent domain, has finally posted clearing up how you should vote on props 98 and 99.

If there's one man I trust on this issue in the state of California, it's this man. I've been waiting for him to weigh in on this one before I fill out my ballot--that's how much his opinion on this matters to me, and how much it should matter to you.

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