Monday, April 26, 2004

Snagging the Clicker: I found my car was broken into last night. There was a baseball bat-shaped hole in the window on the driver's side. And the weird thing was, nothing seemed to be missing from my car. Not my CD player, nothing. Until I went to leave.

They'd taken the remote that unlocks the front gate so you could get in and out.

It didn't take a CSI team to unwrap this scenario--somebody got tired of waiting for somebody to come home or leave and open the gate. They were either a resident who didn't have a remote or a friend of a resident who didn't want to go back and trouble their friend to open the gate for them. So they broke into my car and took my remote. For a twenty dollar remote and the sake of "convenience," they caused hundreds of dollars in damage to my car.

I actually wasn't that bugged by it, though. I was more upset that it was going to cost me the money I was going to spend on a trip up to the workshop Dave Wolverton was going to be doing. But, as luck would have it, the workshop is being moved to exactly when I'm going to be able to afford it again. So it's all good.

But next time, if I promise to leave the window rolled down, will you put the remote back when you're done?

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