Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fate Smiles On The Doc: Well, it just happened that I went to post a long, drawn-out and probably overly mean post about something, somewhere, and then vanished it myself on accident before I could post it.

Here's the thing about me: I'm not short winded. I tend to try to draw as crystal clear message as I can. I tend to be long because I want to be understood. I don't just want to be so clear as to be understandable--I want to be so clear I cannot possibly be misunderstood.

Granted, I generally fail miserably at this, but that just makes me inclined to go on even more the next time.

This means that I usually keep two windows open in any BB thread I'm going to post in. One for the window I'm replying in, and one for the thread. That way I can refresh the thread and see if anyone posts anything while I'm posting. I'm sure others do this too.

The problem comes when you hit "refresh" on the wrong window. After you've typed a lot.

It was probably for the best. I should probably get some kind of default timer put on my computer that makes me verify, after a monitor verifies my blood pressure and pulse rate are back to normal, that I still want to post something.

Or better yet, I should get a program that refuses to let me post (or blog!) anywhere until I finish that week's story.

I promise there will be a story Saturday.

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Rebecca said...

What an elaborate excuse. ;)