Saturday, October 22, 2005

Saturday Story: I have another story. It's not the one I've been working on. The one I've been working on I'm really excited about, and everyone should come back next week and ask me for it, because I want lots and lots of feedback on it so I can turn it into my first pro sale.

In the meantime, I have this overwhelming wish sometimes to hold a book in my hands that has something by me in it. Whenever this happens, I try to write something to fit an anthology. I then go to Ralan and pull up the anthology list and try to find a print anthology that appeals to me.

This happened to me again tonight.

I decided to write a story specifically for Carnifax Press's upcoming Clash Of Steel Book Three: Demon. The guidelines are here. The story, which is much shorter than my usual stuff to fit their guidelines, is available for critiquing and commenting and helping if you email me.

It's hot off my fingertips, all written by me this very night. Which means it probably needs a lot of help.

Just drop me a line . . .

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