Tuesday, August 31, 2004

GOP Convention: One of the things I think Bush could do a better job of is conveying the purposes for the war in Iraq to America.

I think this is partially because he's confident enough that what he's doing is right that he's not as concerned with the political repercussions as some of us would like him to be, so he doesn't "sell" the war to the public enough.

Last night, on the convention night the networks didn't cover, Rudy Giuliani did a good job of explaining the war. It was a good speech--despite the jibes at Kerry, it was a very uplifting and inspirational speech. There was a lot about September 11th, but it wasn't fear-inspiring. Rather, it focused on the heroism of the aftermath and the resiliency of the American people.

And, despite the jibes, talk of Kerry's service to his country earned Kerry a classy round of applause from the Delegates--but with all the talk of the shot at Michael Moore, I'm sure that won't be brought up.

Anyway, read or listen to it if you have the chance.

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