Wednesday, August 25, 2004

They Might Be Leaving Gaps: It seems like unlike most of their recent shows, the August 17th They Might Be Giants show at the House of Blues is not going to be available for download.

There could be any number of reasons for this. It might be a venue thing--the House of Blues might have some restriction against it. Also, they brought out the opening act, Corn Mo, to do Particle Man with them, and it might have been a royalty issue with his performance. It might be that somebody just messed up the recording. It might be they have spies hiding in my kitchen cabinets and they wanted to tick me off.

It was a great show. My brother and I had a good time. In a standing room only show, there were only a couple of people between us and the stage. My brother and I both stand well over six feet, though, and with a girl almost as tall as us standing beside us, just by coincidence, I feel sorry for whoever was immediately behind us.

They tried to change things up from the April show in the same spot, which meant no spin-the-dial, which was a disappointment. Spin-the-dial is about the best bit they do.

But either way, the show was still rockin', and my brother, a budding musician himself, was suitably impressed.

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