Friday, February 11, 2005

Google Ads: My google ads crack me up. Sometimes they try, in vain, to find anything to glob onto here in my blog. On these occassions, they usually just post ads about blogging or about web hosting. I imagine this being the google ad search bot's default setting for blogs.

Other times, it finds a topic and clings to it tenaciously, even with that post has gone off the main page (As with a certain famous talking dog I mentioned once, in passing, recently).

The things I blog about probably the most frequently (namely They Might Be Giants, Homestar Runner, and Orson Scott Card) I don't think I've ever seen come up there.

They have seemed to figure out my other blog, and diet and weight loss things seem to come up a lot. But the issue at that site is often the opposite. I'll do a post saying why a certain thing is a bad, bad, bad idea, but because I mention it so often, it pops up in my ad.

I'm afraid that's what's going to happen with my post about gambling today. Lots of flashy ads for off-shore casinos right next to my humble plea that people please, please keep their own money.

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