Sunday, February 13, 2005

Netflix Calling For Comments: Hey, blogosphere. I need your help.

I dig Netflix. I think they do a good job of getting a good variety of movies into your hands in a good amount of time. Doorstep service is nice.

However, like most subscribers, my biggest gripe is their turnaround time. This past Monday, I sent all three movies I had back to them. I placed them right in the box at the post office. They didn't get back to Netflix until Thursday. Netflix said I should have received them Saturday, but I didn't. Which means, at the soonest, the movies will be here on Monday, leaving me movieless for one full week.

Is there some way around this? Are there tricks to getting the movies in to Netflix faster, or getting faster replies back? I'm about to have spent 1/4 of the month with no movie in my house. This varies slightly from my definition of "unlimited rentals."

You folks know from my other blog how carefully I'm budgeting my money this year. Would it be more worth it to me to go back to cable, tape movies on during the week, and then watch them Friday and Saturday night? If they can't even get movies back to me by the next weekend, I'm seriously frustrated.

What are your thoughts?

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