Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Coming Soon: Do you realize this is going to be one of the coolest years ever for movies? It's like that one year when Batman, Indiana Jones, UHF, Ghostbusters II, and a bunch of other cool stuff all came out at once.

We've got the new Star Wars movie, Mr & Mrs Smith, Batman Begins, The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy, War Of The Worlds, Fantastic Four, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, and a bunch more.

Will some of these stink? You betcha. I already have some guesses about which. But man, a few more years of offerings like this, and I may have to quit my job and become a projectionist.

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Mr. Snitch said...

Yeah, an awful lot of what looks like good stuff this year.

I thought the fact that both Darth Vader and Batman, after years of fame, were only now making their 'debut' appearances this year was a coincidence worth celebrating.

So I did.

Thought you might enjoy it.