Tuesday, March 15, 2005

No TV And No Beer Make Homer Something Something: I don't watch much TV. The only show I try to watch each week is Smallville, and I think I've missed it for weeks now.

(Has anything big happened since that episode where a bunch of meteors fell and one of them had a kid in it?)

I do, however, listen to a lot of radio.

However, this has become nigh unto impossible lately. The entire airwaves, every station, every conversation, has become about Michael Jackson or Robert Blake or whatever the Hot Trial Of The Week is. I am sure that within the next few weeks, even the commercials will be centered around the trials. Pop stars will begin to release trial-related songs just to get some airtime on pop stations again.

And, since I have not replaced the stolen CD player the bad guys got back in January, I can't take my muse-ic with me. (No, I do not call Dial-A-Song over and over on the cell phone my work pays for. Work would catch on to that eventually.)

I'll just say it again . . . I'm so glad I missed the OJ trial.

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