Monday, December 03, 2007

Hey, I Won Sumptin'

A big thank you to the folks over at All American Blogger, home of the podcast, "A Field Guide To American Politics."

I won their November contest, and will soon be receiving a copy of The Richest Man In Babylon by George Clason. According to their last podcast, this means I will soon have six quintillion dollars.

It is very much appreciated.

The last time I won sumptin was from the fine folks at Serenity Stuff.

And speaking of the fine folks at Serenity Stuff, they are (actually he is) currently selling a bunch of stuff on Ebay to raise money to go march with Joss and the other Mutant Enemy writers in LA later on this month. If you dig Firefly (and who doesn't?) head on over and see what he's got up for auction.

While you're listening to the Field Guide podcast.

And I'm enjoying my free stuff.

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