Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Real Life Is Not Like CSI

Got robbed today.

Okay, my company got robbed. One of the stores I'm in charge of.

How much did they get? Not enough to make it worth their while, but enough that it's going to seriously affect the bonuses of the employees who work there. And this was probably one of the few months their little store would have earned a bonus this year.

(Yes, of course, I'm going to try to get them whatever bonus level they would have earned if the thieves hadn't taken what they took. That doesn't change the fact that the bad guys didn't just steal from a big, soulless corporation, but stole from hardworking people who are trying hard to make that store grow, so they can grow with it, earn better salaries, and do better for themselves.)

Anyway, real life is not like CSI.

Real life does not have intensely focused brilliant people who seem to only have one case to solve and computers that would have made the 1950's Batman jealous of their computational ability. Real life has fairly bright people who want to care, but are overwhelmed with the number of terrible things people do to other people every day and are doing their best just to write it all down.

It would absolutely be possible to figure out who did this one. There's only a handful of options.

Chances are, it will never happen. We won't even make it to a detective's desk.

But if we do, I'll let everybody know.

The good news is, real life is not like CSI.

People actually do have problems and not kill each other over them. Some people go about doing enough good that the world manages to be a pretty decent place.

Sure, there are idiots idiots who let their own self-interest blind them to the rights and humanity of others.

But despite what CSI or Jerry Springer or whatever other hyped-up show might portray, most people manage to get along perfectly fine, and even do some nice things for somebody besides themselves once in a while.

Thank goodness for that.

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