Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where Have All The Good Eats Gone?

What's the deal with Good Eats on the Food Network?

Time it was the show was on several times a day. And they'd air different episodes. Now, it seems they're showing the same three episodes over and over and over, and only like two nights out of the week. Is this some kind of weird holiday rotation, or are they just anti-Alton?

I think this is the 87th night this month they've aired Puff, the Magic Mallow.

I'm sure I'm overestimating it, but it seems like they've cut down on the spikey haired wonder-boy, and put a handful of episodes into heavy rotation.

Not that I'm helping my wife with the 60 million things she's baking up to put on plates for people. There's blogging to be done!

PS Oh, and Froggie, is Sam The Cooking Guy even on any more? I thought I'd set it up to record all shows, but he's not showing up on my DVR any more . . .


Sam said...

I'm still here, promise. Not sure where you watch, but in San Diego there are 2 new channel 4 shows every month - and the show is also on Discovery's Health channel everywhere Tuesday's from 4-5pm.

Erik said...

Hey, Sam! Thanks for stopping by.

I'll tune in Tuesday.

As long as you're not doing a marshmallow show.