Monday, July 19, 2004

The Economics of Conservatism: I am well aware that engaging Sandefur in a discussion of the 14th amendment is rather like playing Snapdragon with the Human Torch.  It's something you do more to get a good seat for the show, not because you think you're going to win.
I'll just say that I find the idea of the fourteenth amendment as a basis for banning imposed welfare appealing, and am curious to know how well accepted he would think such a position would be in the courts.
As for the other argument, the one he baited me with, the one he knows he and I disagree completely about--well, that one will have to wait for another night.  It's been a long weekend, and I just want to post some fluff.
But it will come.  That discussion will happen.  The gauntlet will be thrown down.  Titans will collide.  Minds will be enlightened with the force and fury of a white dwarfing star, and the blogosphere will never be the same!
But to tide everybody over, here's today's entertainment news!

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