Saturday, July 10, 2004

Fun With Babelfish: If you're looking for something mindless to do for fun, take a few of your recent blogposts and translate them into a foreign language using Babelfish. Then translate the foreign text back to English.

It's wacky good fun!

Golly, Superman: When I read headline of "carcasa superman spread boatos", I was worried. All hoopla of the carcass of superman has worried me. I mean, I I liked Roswell in such a way how much guy following, but Jason Behr is not none superman.

What it told was really the better bit of the notice of the carcass still.

Shia LaBeouf would make one jimmy great Olsen.

a Small Mary Jane: Sandefur declared me one libertarian, interpreting the fact that I believe that the states have the right to make laws I do not agree to the o in some average way me must belong to a party that works executing laws that I do not believe, because not to execute laws I.

Favorably sufficiently. I declare I blind it so that its inability finds Kirsten Dunst "considerably."

Adjustment please its license of driver in agreement . . .

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