Monday, July 19, 2004

Hal Jordan Would Be Rolling In His Grave (If He Hadn't Already Come Back As The Spectre):  I try not to be overly negative in this blog, but I've had a pretty bad weekend.  It started out okay, smoking some meat and hanging with my family.  But somewhere between one of my stores getting vandalized in the middle of the night Saturday,  the headache that still hasn't really gone away, and blogger's "wonderful" (yeah, right) new editor, things took a sour turn.
But this bit of news has got to be the worst blow of all.
Green Lantern, the most powerful character in the DC universe, the man with the ring that can do anything he wants, the man who single-handedly anniatlated the guardians of the universe and the entire Green Lantern Corp will be played by . . . . Jack Black?
The Green Lantern movie is going to be a wacky, "Mask"-esque comedy?
The fact that some studio is going to be paying money to put Green Lantern on the screen and the phrase "Greatest Comic Book Movie Ever" are not dripping from anyone's lips is a Hindenberg-level tragedy.
If anybody wants me, I'll be that whimpering pile curled up in the fetal position in the corner.

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