Saturday, April 23, 2005

(Former) Kids Say . . .: Over at, there's a pretty entertaining thread about misconceptions people had about Star Wars when they were kids.

There's all the stuff you'd expect (storm troopers were really robots, light sabers were life savers, why was it episode IV?) but there's a few real gems in there.

I remember thinking that Luke could only use the froce when he was upside down.

The cave on Hoth.

The chair on Endor

THe rocks on Dagobah.

I first saw the movies when I was 3 or so, and I had a terrible problem with the accents and figures of speech. When you think that Ben felt that "millions of oysters suddenly cried out in terror," or that Darth instructed Piett to "prepare the bowling party," well, it becomes clear that there was something else of interest beyond the dialogue.

Here's one I just remembered: When the droids are in the escape pod in ANH,I thought C-3PO said "I hope there's a bathroom in here" instead of "The damage isn't as bad as it is out there."

I used to think the pilots in the space battles really died. I knew they were actors, but I figured they were just really devoted to their craft. Also, when a friend's dad told me Chewie growled using a voice box, I thought that Peter Mayhew actually had a voice box surgically implanted into his throat. And finally, after I saw ROTJ, my dad told me that the special effects were done using computers, and all I could picture was a bunch of Gamorean guards standing at computer terminals controlling the monsters in Jabba's palace.

When Luke's ship was going down on Dagobah, he says "All the scopes are down, I can't see a thing!"
When I was younger, I thought he said, 'All this giltergan, I can't see a thing!" I, of course, assumed giltergan was the fancy Star Wars word for fog, and called fog giltergan all throughout my childhood.

Guy: i didn't understand about the ep IV thing either, and when i asked my parents they told me that GL must have been on drugs or something because a lot of people did drugs during the time they were made, so for a long time i thought he just numbered them wrong because he was on drugs and forgot how to count, and i thought it was very sad.

Other guy: GL on drugs, LOL!

Guy:well, that's what they told me! how was i supposed to know?

i now realize, though, that my parents think everyone is on drugs....

When I finally saw all three Star Wars movies, all of the Star Wars references on the cartoon "Muppett Babies" suddenly made sense!

Yeah, I'm a geek. What of it?

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