Monday, April 25, 2005

Trying Out The New Posting Feature

I’m trying out my ability to post via email.  This is strictly an experiment, so if it fails, I hope you will forgive me.


Of course, if it succeeds, I hope you will think of me as one of those |337 guys who can make a computer do tricks and stuff.


All of this fancy new posting stuff is meant to be a way to make my life easier as I try to spend more of it writing fiction and similar things.  Hopefully not only the posting method works, but the final goal of the easier posing method works as well, and you will all have fun new fiction to read by me, as well as lots of fun new entires.


Rebecca said...

I think I did that a couple times when I used blogspot. If I remember correctly, the trick was to send the email as plain text (assuming that you are using Outlook Express and have the ability to change the format of the message you are sending).

Erik said...

Yeah, I did that posting on the other blog and it worked fine.