Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cheers: To the folks at Disney for putting on a good show.

Okay, I wasn't actually there today. But two of my brothers were, with their wives, and I saw the video.

Okay, most of the video was actually from yesterday, when there weren't so many people there you couldn't blink without your eyelashes brushing up against somebody. But it still looked really fun.

Among the highlights were a talking trashcan that actually follows people around asking them to please put trash inside of him, and some nifty moving floats and parade figures, like a 20 foot tall moving Ursula the sea witch and a really cool looking Rhino. For "hidden mickey" fans and others who like to turn their trip to the park into a treasure hunt, there are 50 mickey sybols hidden throughout the park with a big "50" right in the middle.

Looks like there's a pretty good show going on, and everybody should have a real good time, once enough people go home.

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