Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters Online: Because I spent some time searching for how the points system works on the online version of Astro Blasters and couldn't find it, here's what I know. Hopefully, this will help somebody else. Here's the hints and tips I've found.

When Buzz says aim for the Batterybots, he means it. If you play the training version, you can see the Batterybots are little guys with sacks full of batteries. Three batteries come out for each one you hit, tripling your potential for points or power-ups.

The Dogobots are easy to hit, and seem like good points, but they're red herrings. If there's something else on the screen, aim at it.

The Boxobots seem like a pain. They're hard to hit, and it might seem like they give relatively few points. Don't be fooled. Each one you hit gives you greater and greater points. I'm not good enough to know how high it goes, and I don't think I'll ever be able to hit that last one in the asteroids, but the point totals do get higher and higher with each one you hit.

Obviously, you want to get the little green guys. They're one of the highest scoring elements of the game, so try not to pass up a "Z" target, and pray there's somebody on the ride at the park who knows what they're doing. That part is a lot of luck, from what I can tell.

There are also points to be had in the asteroid belt. The smaller meteors give you points, and batteries, if you destroy them, and it clears the way and keeps you from having to try to dodge them.

You have to blow up three of the "legs" on the last ship before the target at Disneyland will light up. Your best bet is to grab any red battery you can find. Also, you will most likely not be able to capture Zurg at the end if you don't have a red battery at least part of the time you're shooting at the Helmet ship, so grab one or two if you see 'em (You most likely will. There are batteries over the place when the ship blows up).

If you have any other tips or hints or suggestions, post 'em here or email them to me. They don't seem to be anywhere else, so let's put 'em somewhere.

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