Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Well Done, Scotty: Like anybody who's had any interaction with him, I adored James Doohan. If you don't understand what the fuss over this guy was about, I recommend you go rent Trekkies and see a bit of him.

Amidst the hoopla and pomp of Trek actors like Shatner who can't quite decide whether to mock the fans or love them or just be embarrassed for them, Doohan is the one guy who always seemed humbled and awed by it. I think he sensed, more than any of the other cast members, both how insane it was that people loved the cast the way they did and the power that gave them to touch lives.

I'm reminded of a line from Evita, when Che's singing to Eva about fame. "You won't care if they love you," he sings. "It's been done before. You'll despair if they hate you. You'll be drained of all energy."

Far too often, that's the way with celebrity. You have to be cool, take it in stride that everybody's falling all over you. But the second they look away from you, boy, let's dive headfirst into the booze and the drugs and the blow-all-the-money.

Not Doohan. If anything, the doting, obsessive fans humbled this guy. Made him more down to earth. I genuinely liked him, and I regret never having had the chance to meet him.

Wil Wheaton was on NPR today confirming everything I've ever felt about Scotty. He hasn't posted a real eulogy on his blog yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing it when he does.

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