Friday, July 08, 2005

My Rant: I know I haven't been very political on this blog as of late, but this rant has been building in my head all week, steamrolling as events have steamrolled, so forgive me this indulgence.

It seemed the big news story of last weekend was Live 8, the big concert where a bunch of rock stars got together, talked about poverty, and raised a bunch of money to send to the african dictators who keep people impoverished. I'm sure they mean well.

In the meantime, Sean Hannity puts on his annual "Freedom Concert," which has raised 6 million for scholarships for the children of the soldiers who've died in Iraq, and nobody bats an eye.

Now I'm no fan of Hannity. His show is mostly just him gushing and drooling all over guests, but I do listen when it's a good guest.

But it truly does bug me that the media is so slow to recognize the charitable contributions of conservatives.

Even if you hate talk-show hosts, the fact is, they're celebrities. Hannity brings out rock-show sized crowds everywhere he goes. Limbaugh, heaven help him, is worshipped as a god.

So why no Entertainment Tonight at the Freedom Concert? Why no press coverage for Limbaugh's annual Lukemia/Lymphoma Society fundraisers?

Why does Bono get introduced as "Singer and Social Acitivist," and real social activists who are right wing get no such credit for their humanitarian efforts?

Guys who have way more listeners than Stern still get less press than stern, simply because of their politics.

Can we really argue there's no bias here?

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