Saturday, May 08, 2004

24: I finally watched the first season, which means I am now only 2 seasons behind. I wanted to see this ever since I first saw the preview for it in a movie theatre years ago. The idea for it intrigued me, and I thought it looked great. Then a good friend of mine was an extra in it--he was one of the people at CTU in season one and a "civilian advisor to the President" in season two.

So it's about time I got around to watching it.

What did I think? About the first half, when we had no idea what was going on, was fantastic. Some of the best TV I've ever seen.

Then, when they started explaining things, my credulity started getting strained a little. As my wife pointed out, when the final twist came, it wasn't one of those Sixth Sense sort of twists (Of course! Now it all makes sense!), instead, it was one of those soap opera kind of twists (Say what? Where did that come from?!?!).

Speaking of soap operas, the low point was when the oh-so-cliche "amnesia dialogue" showed up, lifted in whole cloth from a thousand other movies and TV shows, I just about lost it.

But overall, I still liked it, and still recommend it.

Now on to season two.

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